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Hot Fix Tutorial
Using the BeJeweler® Stoner Styler

Using Hot Fix crystals and the BeJeweler® Stone Styler design projects can easily be created in minutes.

The Hot Fix crystals already come with the glue attached to the back of each crystal. All you need is to select the size crystals you want to use, attach the tip to the applicator. After you have screwed the tip on, plug the applicator into the wall.

TIP 1: Wait 5 minutes to heat up before applying crystals.

Please be careful not to touch the tip of the BeJeweler® as it will be extremely hot.

The BeJeweler® works best with porous materials, fabrics, paper, wood, etc.

TIP 2: Using different sizes and colors of crystals help to create a pattern on any type of fabric. With the iron method of applying heat, you easily affix the crystal in seconds. See Video 2.

Here's a refernce guide for sizes of Hot Fix:

SS 6 = 2.0 Milimeter

SS 8 = 2.5 Milimeter

SS 10 = 3.0 Milimeter

SS 12 = 3.5 Milimeter

SS 16 = 4.0 Milimeter

SS 20 = 5.0 Milimeter

SS 30 = 6.0 Milimeter

SS 34 = 7.0 Milimeter

SS 40 = 8.0 Milimeter

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