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CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements Trends Spring/Summer 2011
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The trends for Spring/Summer 2011 seminar was held in an intimate room with beautiful crystals aligning the walls at the Swarovski-Crystallized Headquarters in NYC. The trends for Spring/Summer 2011 are meant to be inspirations from past collections while adding new colors. Katie Evans of summarizes the trends below from this event:

Theme #1: Water
Based on the elements of water and how the cycle of light works through water creates a beautiful arrangement of whites, light grey pearl, and air blue opals.  This theme creates an under the sea feel from seaweed to starfish and mixes silks, satins, and laces together.

Theme #2: Cascade 
This theme is meant to be perceived as romantic from an adolescence viewpoint. The rebellious and hopeless romance that comes from the younger years can be illustrated with fresh colors like white opal, light azore, and mint alabaster. The inspiration comes from spiky elements, bone colors, and transparency. This theme is meant to be completed with denim on denim.

Theme #3: Swamp Progressive
The Swamp theme is made up of lime greens, browns, and intertwined in organic shapes of forestry areas. The insect inspired shapes along with all looks of nature allow a wet chic look with metallic coating.

Theme #4: River Classic
The dark red corals and dark indigo with vintage rose make up this River Classic theme. Natural eco fabrics are and Berber patterns can be accessorized nicely with this look along with leather ceramics and argil.

Theme #5: Ocean Glamour
Big, bold, unexpected colors like fern green and amethyst molded into coral shapes and reef-inspired elements make up this theme. 
The geometrically fractured structures along with linear banding create abstract patterns that completely execute this look.


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